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witchinguidance whispered: "What are the challenge days for the FD 30 day challenge?"


Anonymous whispered: "Hey, just stopping by to say I love your gifs! But can I please know what software do you use to make them? I wanna make awesome gifs like yours. ;)"

Thank you so much! I just use Photoshop CS3 (old, but still good for me haha). Thanks again <3!


final destination meme: fifteen scenes

        ↳ {4/15} Sam and Molly in the office

(via ashlynhalperin-deactivated20130)

faptoclop whispered: "What would you think about a death where one of survivors went to somewhere like six flags and a person on one of the roller coasters had their iPhone 5 out texting but then the iPhone 5 flew out the persons hand flying at the speed of a bullet the iPhone 5 stabs that one survivor in the head killing him instantly"

…I’m not sure how I’d feel about that :p.
It’s not exactly the most creative of Final Destination deaths that we’ve seen haha. 

ashlynhalperin-deactivated20130 whispered: "I love your blog. IN WAYS YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND. Please post more!"

Thank you so much! So sorry for the lack of posting :c..
I’m in the middle of an exam period, so once it’s over.. expect more!

Anonymous whispered: "Any FD blogs besides yours? I love yours, BTW."

Umm, the only main one that I know of is final-destinations. Really good content and frequently active!
Another blog that isn’t necessarily FD-related, but posts some awesome FD gifs every now and then, is train081.
I’m sure that there are plenty more though.. I’m just not aware of them D:
And thank you <3! 

Anonymous whispered: "You suck at making gifs."

As in their quality? Or the fact that I’m not making them? Either way that’s pretty rude lol. I haven’t had the time to make them.